Clinton 'Planted Questions' Story Grows

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: A spokesman from Hillary Clinton's campaign refused to comment Tuesday after new reports surfaced furthering the charge that the Clinton campaign planted questions during a Veterans Day town hall meeting in Iowa.

According to reports on CNN, Muriel Gall-Chasanoff, the student who was asked to ask the Democratic frontrunner a question about global warming, says a Clinton staffer opened a binder holding a sheet of paper with about eight questions on it and told her to ask the question about global warming.  Next to the question, Gallo-Chasanoff said, the sheet read "college student."  She also alleges that there was another man who asked a planted question about jobs-in light of the recent closing of the Maytag plant closing in Newton, IA.

Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said:  "We've addressed this incident repeatedly over the past several days.  The Senator had no idea who she was calling on, and this is not acceptable campaign process moving forward.  We've taken steps to ensure that it never happens again."

During the Sunday event in Waterloo, Iowa, Clinton took questions from the audience after her speech, focused primarily on veterans. The campaign was clear when asked, that no questions had been planted. The Senator was asked about the recent mini-scandal that was unveiled that a student was approached by the campaign to ask the senator a question last week in Newton, Iowa.

It was later reported that there had been another instance of a staffer approaching someone back in April to ask the Senator a question about Iraq.

"Well it was news to me and neither I nor my campaign approve of that - and it will certainly not be tolerated," Clinton was also asked if these two instances that have been reported were the only ones she knew about. Clinton said "you know everything I know."

Clinton was also asked about the sharpening attacks from Senator Edwards and Senator Obama on the heels of the Jefferson Jackson dinner and how that will affect her electability.  "I think you have to evaluate this on an ongoing basis and that's what I intend to do. I intend as I said last night to attack the problems on the country and turn up the heat on the Republicans."

Clinton was read Senator Obama's comments from the Jefferson Jackson dinner. Obama had said that he wants to be driven by principle and not by polls; not by calculation but by conviction, Clinton was asked if she thought those remarks were aimed at her and questioning her integrity.  "I don’t know what he is addressing. He has never been specific so I can't really draw any conclusions."

Clinton was joined on stage with Retired Major General Paul Eaton who has endorsed Clinton for president. The Senator addressed issues that concerned veterans and announced 36 new co-chairs to its Veterans and Military Retirees For Hillary Committee.  "Everyone of us ought to say a prayer and a thank you to these extraordinary young people who are serving with such distinction," Clinton said referring to the troops serving in Iraq and abroad.

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