Giuliani Campaign Manager Returns Fire at Romney

ABC News Jan Simmonds Reports: Responding to attacks made by former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., today in Concord, Giuliani Campaign Manager Michael DuHaime called Romney "a mediocre one term governor" who was trying to distract voters from his own weak record.

"Essentially what you are seeing is, I believe, a distraction," said DuHaime aboard a press bus following Giuliani this weekend. "… what you have is Governor Romney, who is essentially without much of a record. Essentially a mediocre one term governor, who didn’t even run for re-election."

"What you see now is Romney is starting to talk about his record… it's not something he wants to talk about. So its attack, attack, attack," DuHaime later added.

The usually behind the scenes Campaign Manager went on to say that Romney was attacking his republican opponents because he could not defend or tout any of his own achievements.

"Governor Romney, almost every single day, is attacking somebody, usually its Mayor Giuliani," said DuHaime. "He has Governor Huckabee on his heels, he’s attacking Governor Huckabee, he’s attacked Fred Thompson… he’s attacking somebody every single day. I just think it’s a distraction. Clearly he’s got more money than any other candidate. And with that he’s throwing a lot of money around."

One of Romney’s main criticisms of Giuliani was that he was throwing stones from a "glass house" regarding Romney’s appointment of Massachusetts Supreme Court Judge Kathe Tuttman considering Giuliani’s own situation with his former police commissioner, Bernard Kerik.

"I did note with interest yesterday that Mayor Giuliani decided to attack me on the basis of a judicial appointment," Romney said at a press avail in Concord, N.H., "I must admit that of all the people who might attack someone on the basis of an appointment. I thought he would be the last to do so."

"In a very different case, he (Giuliani) put somebody in place as commissioner who had a very questionable past and then recommended to the President of the United States that this person be made the Secretary of Homeland Security despite the fact that he at this point was under investigation," added Romney.

Responding to the Kerik comparison DuHaime said Giuliani has made it clear that he feels he made a mistake recommending Kerik to the White House.

"I think the Mayor has clearly stated his position of Commissioner Kerik. And has told you about the mistake he made about the appointment," said DuHaime. "Obviously Governor Romney, immediately, when somebody around him has issues, he immediately throws that person under the bus. Whether it is Senator Craig or this judge, anything that gets in the way of where he wants to go to during this campaign gets thrown under the bus."

With just under fifty days remaining until the first primary in the nation, it appears both campaigns have decided to increasingly go after the other, both believing they have an opportunity to score some points with the voters.

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