Giuliani Impersonates Hillary, Says Bill Clinton Had Head in the Sand

ABC News' Jan Simmonds reports:  With an Elvis impersonator crooning just two floors below him, Rudy Giuliani, R-N.Y., took aim on Friday at both Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Speaking at a town hall in Berlin, New Hampshire, Giuliani first set his sights on Hillary Clinton and used humor to answer a question about Clinton's much analyzed debate response on whether she supported a plan to grant driver's licenses to illegal aliens in New York state.

"Oh gee I can't figure out what to think," said Giuliani satirizing Clinton.

"Don't pick on me by asking that question. That's a gotcha question. Do not pick on me for asking that question.  Now let me see what I think…. Let me see… First put up your hands and tell me what you think.  Then I'll tell you what I think. Are you for it or against it?  Ok, you're not gonna tell me.  So I'm for it, for it.  I am against it.  I'm for it and against it.  And I wanna be your president."

After having his fun, the former New York City Mayor got serious.

"Okay, all kidding aside, I am against it," he said. "It's a terrible mistake. You don't give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants."

Giuliani did acknowledge that he at least could respect Barack Obama, D-Ill., who said he supported the license plan.

"I at least respect somebody who answers the question and I watched that debate the other night and Hillary Clinton could not answer the question," Giuliani said.  "It was like double talk.  This and this and this."

"If you can't take a position on driver's licenses, what the heck are you gonna do about war and peace, and difficult decisions in crisis?" he added returning his attention to the Democratic frontrunner.

Giuliani was not done with the Clintons though.  Next to draw the former mayor's ire was the former president, Bill Clinton, whom Giuliani took umbrage with over how he cut the military and intelligence agencies' budgets while he was in the White House.

"What Bill Clinton did to you in the 1990's most Americans don't even know.  They don't even know the worst thing that he did," said Giuliani.

"The worst thing that he did was not any of the stuff that got all the attention and sometimes exaggeration and who knows what.  The worst thing he did was to cut our military and intelligence budgets. That is the worst thing he did."

Noting that Clinton "slashed" both the agencies' budgets, Giuliani charged that the former president had his "head in the sand."

"And now as I said, I don't pretend that he (Clinton) could predict September the 11th.  People are not prophets, even presidents," said Giuliani.  "But he did have his head in the sand.  He was cutting those military budgets and intelligence budgets while Islamic terrorists were killing Americans."

"Over 500 before September 11th.  The first attack on America was not September 11th, it was 1993.  And then Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and then Kenya, and then Tanzania, and then the attack on the USS Cole, to which we didn't even respond.  So let's not go back to that."

Ending his Clinton focus, Giuliani noted, "Hillary Clinton really wants to take you in reverse to the 1990's. She thought things were wonderful in the 1990's and there was only one thing missing in the 1990's and it was the socialized medicine she couldn't do for us.  So now she wants to take us back to the 1990's and give us the socialized medicine too.  Let's not let her do that."

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