Obama v. (Which) Clinton

ABC News' David Wright and Sunlen Miller Report: Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., Thursday took exception to President Bill Clinton's effort to accept full blame for the failure of health care reform in 1993.

The former President, campaigning in Iowa today on behalf of his wife, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, suggested that the problems with the plan were more his fault than hers, even though she was nominally in charge of drafting the legislation.

Obama, in response to a reporter's question, suggested the Clintons are trying to have it both ways on the issue. "If part of your basis for experience is that work that you did on health care, then presumably when it didn't work that's part of the experience as well."

Obama refused to elaborate on the point. "My understanding is that President Clinton is not on the ballot."

Then Obama abruptly turned and got back on his campaign bus.

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