Romney Disputes Giuliani's Immigration Record

ABC News' Matt Stuart Reports: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney dismissed Rudy Giuliani's claims Monday that the former New York Mayor had the best record on dealing with illegal immigration, once again arguing Giuliani providing a "sanctuary" to illegal immigrants.

"A sanctuary city policy draws more illegal immigrants into the country, it's wrong," Romney said Monday, stopping briefly before a private meeting at Microsoft.

"There are many cities in this country that have the rule of law but do not have sanctuary status and I think when it comes to sanctuary cities the Mayor's just frankly on the wrong page," Romney said.

In another swipe at Giuliani, Romney deflected a New York Times report suggesting Giuliani upping his efforts in the state. 

Romney argued he's "been [in Iowa] working a long time, put in much more time and effort than the other candidates have." 

But he tried to lower expectations, arguing that despite spending more time and money in the state than other GOP candidates, he isn't expecting to win there. 

"I'm certainly not gonna predict a victory in any one state," Romney said, "I’d like to come in the top three in Iowa and New Hampshire."

Romney also suggested Giuliani would have to finish well in the first two states in order to continue his candidacy, saying "Mayor Giuliani he's really gotta, he's gotta come in the first couple of spots in those primaries as well to be able to go on."

Finally, Romney was asked about Gov. Huckabee's new ad featuring, Chuck Norris, the actor most well known for his role as "Walker: Texas Ranger." 

Romney said he had no comment, but when asked if he would have any martial arts experts coming out for him, Romney joked "The Hulkster, maybe," most likely referencing wrestler Hulk Hogan, who is also not a martial arts expert. 

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