Romney Says Giuliani Would be Wrong for GOP

ABC News' Matt Stuart Reports: Former Gov. Mitt Romney pushed back on former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's comments yesterday regarding his appointment of Massachusetts Supreme Court Judge Kathe Tuttman, claiming Giuliani was acting out of "a level of desperation perhaps born out by the polls in New Hampshire."

Romney claimed that Giuliani was coming from a "glass house," in regards to attacking Romney on appointments because of his support of former. New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik . "I did note with interest yesterday that Mayor Giuliani decided to attack me on the basis of a judicial appointment," Romney said, "I must admit that of all the people who might attack someone on the basis of an appointment. I thought he would be the last to do so."

Romney added, "I appointed somebody who was a 17 year prosecutor who had every inclination and every part of her history to suggest that this would be a law and order judge. And this judge made a very poor decision and that’s why I’ve asked for her to resign…. In a very different case, he put somebody in place as commissioner who had a very questionable past and then recommended to the President of the United States that this person be made the Secretary of Homeland Security despite the fact that he at this point was under investigation."

Romney also suggested that he could of taken a shot at Giuliani but chose not to. "When the Bernie Kerik story came out I basically kept quiet on it. I said, look I don’t have any comment on it, it's sad and disappointing that Bernie Kerik has done this, I didn’t make an attack on Mayor Giuliani. And then, to have him attack me, selecting an individual who’d served as 17 years as a prosecutor I thought was a very strange turn of events."

When asked about Giuliani's claims that crime went up in Massachusetts during Romney's turn, Romney said that Giuliani was "making up facts." "You know, he has a real problem with facts," Romney said, "The truth of the matter is that during my administration the FBI crime statistics show that violent crime was reduced in Massachusetts by seven percent. So he’s wrong again on the facts. He needs to go back to school and look at the facts and add the numbers up properly."

Romney went one step further, saying that "Mayor Giuliani would be the wrong course for our party," and if "you wanna have contrasts with the Republican nominee you’re gonna have to have somebody like myself." Romney tried to tie Giuliani's positions to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton's, "He is pro-choice like Hillary Clinton. He is in favor of civil union like Hillary Clinton. He is in favor of sanctuary cities like Hillary Clinton. And the record of ethical conduct from in this case from in this case Bernie Kerik reminds us very much of the administration that Hillary Clinton was a part of in Washington," he said.

Romney later reiterated his comment, demonstrating his effort to tie Sen. Clinton's record to that of President Clinton. In speaking about similarities he claims Giuliani had with Sen. Clinton, Romney said Giuliani had "an ethical lapse in his administration just as her administration did," apparently referring to the Clinton presidency.

Giuliani campaign manager Mike DuHaime responded to Romney's attack saying, "Essentially what you are seeing is, I believe, a distraction," he said. Adding, "….what you have is Governor Romney, who is essentially without much of a record. Essentially a mediocre one term governor, who didn't even run for re-election." Read more of the Giuliani pushback HERE courtesy of ABC's Jan Simmonds. 

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