Ron Paul's Gunpowder Plot

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf Reports from South Carolina: It's sort of an odd allusion for a fundraising campaign in these days of hypersensitivity to terrorism, even if the Congressman it will benefit is running for president as a Libertarian Republican spoiler who wants to drastically change the way government runs in Washington.But there was Ron Paul on the stump at Clemson in South Carolina telling a group of several hundred students and supporters, "Remember, remember the 5th of November." In this case, he was referring to a fundraising drive and not a plot specifically to blow anything up. Maybe the apple cart.The catchy slogan comes from a nursery rhyme about Guy Fawkes, the 17th Century crusader for Catholics rights caught in the basement of Parliament with 36 barrels of gunpowder. He failed in his mission to blow the place up.Paul clarified at the rally that he is not involved in this particular fundraising effort.But on their website with a call "for the largest one day political donation in history," Paul supporters want to ignite a monetary bomb of their own. They hope for 100,000 subscribers to raise $10 million bucks for Paul on that day.  They have a ways to go over the weekend –- the site lists 15,991 subscribers as of late Friday.The Paul campaign has set an official goal of raising $12 million by the end of the year.Perhaps it's a stretch, but if Parliament is anything like Congress, its an allegorical explosion in the place where Paul casts votes every day as a Republican Congressman from Texas.The Guy Fawkes theme is not new in popular culture. But in recent years, allusions have seen the plot succeed -- or at least envisioned a boom.It's the topic of the John Lennon song "Remember" from his Plastic Ono Band Album.  The end of the song goes like this: "If you ever feel so sad, And the whole world is driving you mad, Remember, remember today. Don't feel sorry,  'Bout the way it's gone,  Don't you worry,  'Bout what you've done,  Remember, remember the fifth of November.  (Boom)"The Guy Fawkes scenario is also the subject of the dystopic 2005 Big Brother-style fantasy thriller "V for Vendetta" in which a Guy Fawkes caped crusader succeeds in blowing up Parliament.

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