Clinton on Skis: 'I Would Just Go Straight Down'

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, speaking at a ski lodge in New Hampshire, told voters she learned how to ski in the Granite State.

"I would just get to the top and I would just go straight down. I never took a lesson. I thought I was a great skier because I was just rolling down that hill," Clinton said. "And then I realized this wasn't exactly what was going to work for me going forward. So, I started to slow down."

Clinton made fun of her skills on the slopes, saying, "I didn't get very much further advanced, other than trying to keep myself vertical."

Clinton spent the day in New Hampsire meeting with voters and also picked up the endorsement of the NEA-NH in Manchester. The 16,000-member-strong union chose Clinton for "working to improve education for 35 years," as well as her plan to create a universal pre-kindergarden program according to NEA-NH president, Rhonda Wesolowski.

Clinton said that she learned about the endorsement during last week's hostage crisis.

"I was giving my cell phone to everybody," Clinton said, "and the cell phone rang about 5:30, 5:45, and I thought, 'I am getting a report from one of the police captains or one of the public safety comissioners or state troopers.' I picked up the phone and said, 'Hello?'"

Clinton explained that Wesolowski had been in a meeting and had missed the day's news.

"Rhonda said, 'I'm calling with some very good news,'" Clinton said. "'How would Rhonda get the hostages out?' I thought to myself.

"By the time we got on the same wavelength " the senator said, "it was the best news I had so far that day."

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