Clinton Shifts Closing Argument in Final Days

ABC News' Kate Snow and Eloise Harper Report:

Sen. Hillary Clinton has shifted her message in the final days leading up to the Iowa caucuses. For the past three days Clinton has focused on the change that she has brought in her 35 years, but today Clinton delvered the message that she can win.

"The questions come down to two (things) who is ready to be president on day one" and "who can run a winning campaign.".

Clinton walked on stage with Ohio Governor Strickland - and later announced that "we're going to win Ohio."

"I will stand up and wage a winning campaign" Clinton said "I will have a breadth and depth of support unmatched by any candidate. You know I'm running against three current senators and one former senator. I think the most that the three others have is one other senator supporting them. I have nine."

Clinton continued saying "I have people acros this country who have been elected in tough states for the democrats and they know how to win and they believe that I am the best person to win for the democrats."

Clinton, for the past three days has been listing all of the ways she has brought change - today she tried to make the case that she can win.

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