Danny Glover Campaigns for Edwards

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson reports: Actor and activist Danny Glover headlined John Edwards’ last town hall meeting of the day in Waterloo, Iowa, Thursday.  Though admittedly groggy from an early morning flight, Glover’s appearance made it clear that there’s no rest for the weary when you’re this close to the Iowa caucuses.

“I did not meet Sen. John Edwards at some sort of celebrity match with a group of other celebrities,” said Glover, upon introducing Edwards. “I met him in the basement of hotels where he sat up and talked with men and women of all ethnic persuasions who worked in those hotels, who serviced those rooms, who cooked the food. That’s where I met John Edwards.”

Glover, who has long thrown his support behind the former North Carolina senator, said he identified with Edwards, because his mother was the first to go to college in his family, just as Edwards was in his.

“John Edwards came from a similar background,” Glover said.  “He understands the shoulders that he stands on, he understands that the people who came before him laid the groundwork for him to go on and be successful, and he has not forgotten that.”

Glover’s appearance on the campaign trail comes as Edwards recently finished campaigning with actors Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon.  Glover has made several campaign trips with Edwards, including a visit to New Orleans earlier this year, where the two helped build homes destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

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