Eight-Year Old Edwards Wanted to Be 'Superman'

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson Reports: Democratic candidate Sen. John Edwards. D-N.C., has trailed Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama in the polls, but of late he's used his view from the sidelines as a springboard for criticism of the two frontrunners who have increased attacks on each other as the Iowa Caucus date nears.

"Clinton and Obama snipping over the last 24 hours is really fascinating to listen to. It's like, boy, you can tell you're getting close to the caucuses," said Edwards during a Monday town hall in Waterloo, Iowa where he received the endorsement of Iowa Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley.

Using Clinton's criticism of Obama who said he hadn't thought about running for president his whole life despite a 3rd grade essay indicating the opposite, Edwards said: "I want to confess to all of you right now in third grade I wanted to be two things: I wanted to be a cowboy and I wanted to be superman."

Edwards added, "I don't think America benefits from any personal fighting between the candidates. I think they want to see us behave in a presidential way especially as we get this close to the caucus."

So just when did the former senator currently on his second bid for office decide he wanted to run for president?  "All children dream about the possibility. But in terms of really thinking about it I was pretty old."

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