Four-Letter Words: Obama Uses the Juicy Ones

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: The three-way showdown in Iowa for the Democratic nomination hasn’t stopped Barack Obama from commenting about his potential Republican contenders.

A question by a Republican woman, to talk about the differences he has with Mitt Romney, solicited a surprising response by Obama at a town hall in Knoxville, Iowa.

“I was listening to an interview this morning where somebody asked him has he ever cursed, and he said, ‘well, of course, but not the real harsh ones.’ I have to tell you. I’ve used some really harsh curse words, “Obama exclaimed, “the juicy ones.”

Besides using the juicy four-letter words, Obama also added that there’s a long list of differences he has with Romney.  Starting with, “Mitt Romney is a very handsome guy. He is taller than me.”

Obama went on to explain the differences in their views on the Iraq war and tax cuts.

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