Romney Hits Huck and McCain on State of Play

ABC News' Matt Stuart reports:  Fomer Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney continued to criticize Gov. Mike Huckabee and Sen. John McCain Sunday for not competing in both the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire Primary.

Speaking with reporters in Columbus Junction, Iowa, Romney said that he is "contending and working…hard in both places. The other guys are just picking one state. I’m working for both."

Asked about his ads in New Hampshire and Iowa attacking Huckabee and McCain, Romney said he thought the ads were "totally appropriate," adding that "I think its entirely appropriate in the political process to point out differences on important issues, but I don't think you have to make it a personal attack. And, when that happens I think its very disappointing and the public responds accordingly."

Romney dismissed reports of mailers in South Carolina going after Romney and his religion.  "I'm not going to spend my time trying to change those kinds of features," Romney said.

Finally, while Romney has in the past boasted his own poll numbers in Iowa and other early states, he argued it’s too close to call now.  "I can’t tell you how it’s gonna come out because it’s so close. If there was one of us way ahead why I’d be making a prediction, but right now I just don’t think we know what’s gonna come out."

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