Romney Says His Wife is "Tsss" Hot

ABC News' Matt Stuart reports: At a campaign stop in Mt. Vernon, Iowa on Sunday, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney proved that one can still have fun even with the stress of the big day approaching.

After his wife Ann spoke to a crowd, Romney asked the audeince, "Isn't she good?"

A gentleman next to Romney shouted, "she's cuter."

Romney laughed before the gentleman followed up with "that's not saying much."

As the audience continued to laugh and guffaw, Romney agreed "She is a cute girl. I'll tell you."

Romney followed with something few were expecting, "She's hot too," licking his finger making a "tsss" sizzling hot sound.

The audience laughed and Romney went on to thank those packed into the small coffee house.

The Iowa presidential caucuses are on Thursday. 

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