The Clinton's Grocery Store Chaos

ABC News' Kate Snow and Eloise Harper Reports: Democratic presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., former President Bill Clinton, and NBA star Magic Johnson walked into a Des Moines, Iowa grocery story Tuesday morning  -- and the scene was chaos.

The trio was mobbed by camera crews, reporters and customers -- all trying to catch a glimpse.

Magic and President Clinton high-fived the basketball team that sat inside the cafe.

A quick press availability was thrown together. Senator Clinton was asked about her recent swing of campaign momentum -- "You mean I got my groove back?" she said to a swarm of reporters who encircled the group.

"I occasionally read what you write and what you say on television and on the radio and I know that people have been saying I want to know more about her, we want to know more about her personally, I totally get that," Clinton said, "its not easy for me to talk about myself -- I'd rather talk about Magic."

Bill Clinton put his two cents on the tour, saying, "The Hillary I know tour -- that was a really good idea."

"I think its good that people really know her," President Clinton said.

As President Clinton circled the room, the army of cameras followed him, at times leaving the presidential front-runner looking lost and unclear about where to go.

President Clinton was also asked why he isn't in a recent Clinton campaign ad that features Chelsea Clinton and the Senator's mother, Dorothy Rodham.

He laughed, "I don't know I don't discuss ad strategy," he said, "I saw my daughter on C-SPAN the other day, I've never seen my daughter on C-SPAN."

When President Clinton was told he looks taller on TV, he said, "Yeah, but that's cause I think as President a lot of the films you see there is a disproportionate number of pictures of any president are sitting at the cabinet table, remember that," he said, "It tends to shrink anybody that is president."

The media frenzy continued as the former first couple tried to navigate around the chaotic grocery store.

As they left, a man asked Senator Clinton to sign his dollar bill. She declined saying, "it's illegal." As the Senator walked off the man looked over and said, "Bill, signed it."

Sure enough, there was President Clinton's signature on the dollar bill.

As he was leaving the store, ABC News asked President Clinton about Senator Barack Obama, D-Ill.,  quoting his 1992 words about experience.

Obama said to reporters: "Here's a quote. 'The same old experience is irrelevant. You can have the right kind of experience or the wrong kind of experience. And mine is rooted in the real lives of real people, and it will bring real results if we have the courage to change.' And that was Bill Clinton in 1992," Obama said. 

Clinton responded today: "always flattering to be quoted."

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