'You and I' No More?

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Less than 30 days before the critical Iowa caucuses, there's a shake-up in the Clinton presidential campaign.  Hillary Clinton and Celine Dion appear to be parting ways.For months, the soprano headlined Clinton's, D-N.Y., campaign appearances as Dion's "You and I" served as the former first lady's campaign theme song."High above the mountains, far across the sea," bellowed Dion over loudspeaker after loudspeaker."I can hear your voice calling out to me, Brighter than the sun and darker than the night, I can see your love shining like a light," the Canadian songstress would sing as the aspiring American president took or departed the political stage.At first, Dion and Clinton hit a all the right notes, as they're likely to say in the inevitable VH1 Behind the Music special.  Brought together in an inventive and original contest, "You and I" was unveiled as the people's choice for Clinton's destiny (not child's) filled run for the White House.The song played on, from Iowa to South Carolina, without missing a beat.  But, now, only the sounds of silence can be heard from the Clinton camp's Celine CD.Instead on the trail these days, Big Head Todd and the Monsters are in and their "Blue Sky" is seemingly the campaign's favorite as the New York Senator enters and exits the stage. The Clinton camp had no response when pressed by ABC News to explain why the sudden change from chick-favorite Vegas-anchored Dion to the masculine, Colorado-native Monsters.Fortunately, for just these circumstances, VH1 has created some consoling music selections to document this critical juncture in the 2008 race: the top 40 break-up songs ever.

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