Kucinich to Iowans: If Not Me, Then Obama

ABC's David Chalian and Teddy Davis report: Dennis Kucinich may not have the same level of support in Iowa he had four years ago.

And he has certainly worked this state far less than he did four years ago.

Nonetheless he is giving a bit of a boost to Sen. Barack Obama here in the Hawkeye State.  Kucinich is urging those people caucusing for him to switch to Obama on their 2nd choice, should Kucinich not reach the 15% viability threshold during the first round of balloting.

"I hope Iowans will caucus for me as their first choice this Thursday, because of my singular positions on the war, on health care, and trade," Kucinich said in a statement.  "But in those caucus locations where my support doesn't reach the necessary threshold, I strongly encourage all of my supporters to make Barack Obama their second choice. Sen. Obama and I have one thing in common: Change," he added.

“I have a lot of respect for Congressman Kucinich, and I’m honored that he has done this because we both believe deeply in the need for fundamental change,” said Senator Obama.

In addition to being ideologically aligned with Obama on the dominant Iraq war issue, back in July, Rep. Kucinich accused Sen. Edwards and Sen. Clinton of acting like "imperial" candidates and said he felt "betrayed" by Edwards when his two opponents were caught on tape discussing how to limit televised debates to what Edwards described as a "more serious and a smaller group."

Rep. Kucinich is not campaigning in Iowa in the closing days before the caucuses.  Instead, he is spending his time in New Hampshire in advance of the first-in-the-nation primary on January 8.

Four years ago, Edwards and Kucinch struck a "second choice" deal and that was believed to prove helpful to Edwards' second place showing in 2004.

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