Bill Bradley Backs Barack Obama

ABC News' Karen Travers Reports: Former Sen. Bill Bradley has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama and will travel to New Hampshire on Monday.

Bradley will have events in New Hampshire throughout the day targeting independent voters who can select which primary they will vote in on Tuesday. (Bradley's message in 2000 was largely aimed at independent voters).

"Barack Obama has a unique opportunity to create the broadest possible coalition of people who will be interested in change in the positive sense," Bradley told ABC News in a phone interview. "There is a difference between a leader and a manager. He's a leader. He has a vision."

Bradley said he waited until after Iowa to make his official endorsement. A source close to the senator said that he has waited until now to endorse because he wanted to give former Sen. John Edwards a shot in Iowa first.

"I like John Edwards a lot, I have a lot of respect for him. And I wanted to give him a shot to make his case in Iowa."

Bradley thought Obama had a strong performance in last night's ABC News debate in Manchester, N.H.

"His point about words really hit home and his larger vision came through. That's the difference between a leader and a manager," Bradley said.

Bradley's sense is that independent voters "want to make history" with their vote and they will vote in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, which he says is a good sign for Obama.

Bradley is a former Democratic senator from New Jersey and ran for his party's nomination in 2000, losing to former Vice President Al Gore.

A high-level Obama campaign staffer confirmed the endorsement late Saturday night on the condition of anonymity.

ABC News' Sunlen Miller contributed to this report.

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