Clinton Camp Downplays Obama Win

ABC's David Wright reports: Even before Obama's victory, the Clinton campaign was already spinning the results, discounting the notion of an Obama victory here.

"Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in 84 and 88," former President Bill Clinton told reporters outside a polling station in Columbia.  "Jackson ran a good campaign.  And Obama ran a good campaign here."

Translation?  The Clinton's want people to believe Obama is simply this year's Jesse Jackson.

Clinton rejected any suggestion he or his wife were guilty of race-baiting in South Carolina.

"Man you've never been in many campaigns if you think this was ugly," he said.  "This was a cakewalk."

Clinton insisted his message has been "99-point-9 percent positive for 100 percent of this campaign."

But many Democrats, including 2004 nominee John Kerry, feel otherwise.  Kerry, who recently endorsed Obama in Charleston, said that being a former President is not a license to to lie.

Clinton bristled when asked to react to Kerry's statement, noting he respects John Kerry and has supported him in the past.

"This is just part of politics," Clinton said.  "We should just not take the bait and go on and make our cases."

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