Clinton Espresses Concerns Over Caucuses, Despite Win

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports: Senator Clinton reiterated her concerns about caucuses after winning in Nevada on Saturday.

"I still have concerns about caucuses," Clinton said even after her win Satuday. "I met people today when I was visiting a couple of hotels who said they couldn't get off work. To me, the caucuses don't provide the broad base of participation that I have fought for my entire life."

Clinton was asked about the current dispute over delegates between Clinton and Obama.

The Senator said she didn't know about the result of the argument stating, "Nobody really knows, and we are looking very good. Obviously this is about delegates, but this is about what people are voting for who they think the best president will be."

When asked if she was aware of any "dirty" politics in her campaign as rivals have suggested, Senator Clinton said, "Well I don't have any response to that. We had a very effective campaign." Clinton followed her comment by saying, "I got a significant share of the popular vote."

Clinton is heading to St Louis, Missouri for a rally and then will spend the day in New York tomorrow.

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