Clinton Urges Everybody to "Take a Deep Breath"

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY., addressed reporters announcing that she will travel to Florida on Tuesday -despite the state having no delegates. "I am going to try to seat the Florida delegates. I have said that the people of Florida deserve to be represented in the process of picking a president for the democratic party." Clinton said, "I want the voters in Florida to know that I hear them."

The questioning quickly turned to race, President Clinton, and the negativity injected into the campaign. Clinton was asked if she thought Sen. Barack Obama is the Jesse Jackson of 2008. She did not answer the question, and instead spoke about what she views as the great things President Clinton has done in his life. "Bill Clinton is somebody who brought out country together. He understands what it takes to repair the breaches and hopefully mend the divides that have stalked us for so long and his record speaks to that."

Clinton continued, "I think Americans from every community know what his life's work has been and they really know his heart."

Speaking about race in the injection of race into this campaign "I believe we should take a deep breath. Senator Obama and I and our staffs our our surrogates our supporters should recognize we are running to change our country. I am reaching out to voters in every community."

When asked about the overall tone of negativity, Clinton said "yes we are going to be out there drawing comparisons and contrasts but it is mostly about making the case to the American people."

When questing turned back to President Clinton, the Senator said "his life's work has been about bringing people together."

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