Edwards Supporters Refuse to Shake Clinton's Hand

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: In a sign of just how contentious the Democratic primary in New Hampshire has become, Senator Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., suffered three slightly awkward moments this morning while stopping by polling stations to greet voters.

She was greeting supporters in Nashua, New Hampshire and got to the end of the line when she tried to greet supporters of former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., who were chanting and creaming, "The status quo has got to go! The status quo has got to go!"

Watch the video HERE.

Clinton extended her arm to shake a man's hand and he refused to shake the former first lady's hand. So Clinton patted him on the shoulder and moved on.

Edwards described Clinton as representing the "status quo" during the ABC News debate in New Hampshire Saturday, arguing there should be an unfiltered debate between himself and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.,  -- two agents of change, he said.

Later this morning, Clinton was walking along a line of supporters in Derry, New Hampshire when she crossed a woman who was holding up a Mitt Romney sign. The woman started yelling at Clinton to move her bus. "Voters can't get in because your bus is in the way."

The woman was pointing at the bus and seemed flustered.  Clinton told the woman they would move it.

Next, the Clinton campaign stopped in Concord, New Hampshire, where Clinton tried to meet with voters. But supporters of Rep. Ron Paul, R-tex., were screaming so loudly, "a vote for clinton is a vote for war!"And, "Pat-ri-ot act!" -- that it was tough to hear.

Through all of these primary-day incidents, Clinton smiled and appeard to let it all roll off her back.

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