Giuliani: Campaign Will Go On

ABC News' Jan Simmonds Reports:  Following a rally in Boca Raton today, Rudy Giuliani said he has no plans of dropping out of the Republican race for the nomination if loses Florida on January 29th.

"I"m going to continue my campaign.  I have no plans to end my campaign," said Giuliani.  "Of course I anticipate winning Florida, because I don't go into a campaign anticipating losing.  I have no reason to not anticipate winning."

Talking about recent polls that show the former Mayor in a distant third, Giuliani touted his candidacy as still very competitive. 

"We are very, very competitive.  In some polls very, very close," Giuliani added.  "In some polls, we even had a poll where we were first.  We've been second to, second to Mitt Romney, second to McCain.  When you look at these polls they are all over the place.  I think we are in good shape here and for an election that is as fluid as this, we got a very good chance."

The Giuliani campaign released two ads today in Florida, both touting his record as a fiscal conservative and his support for the National Catastrophe fund.  The campaign feels that these issues will generate support among Floridians and likely will be the difference if they are able to pull out a win.

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