Giuliani: The 'Change' Dems Want Is From Your Pocket

ABC News Jan Simmonds reports: Rudy Giuliani said today that while the Democrats are talking about "change," their real intention is to take the change that's in your pockets.

"I probably haven't heard 'change' as much in the last couple of weeks since I worked in a bank and people wanted change, change, change," said Giuliani to some light laughter during a Town Hall this evening in Derry.

Noting that the "change" Democrats really wanted was raising Americans’ taxes Giuliani added, "That's what Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards want to do for you. When you see their slogan ‘change’ ... they want to take the change out of my pocket." The new punch line drew big laughs from the approximately 200 people in attendance.

The day though was not filled with laughs during the former New York City Mayor’s four public events throughout the state. Giuliani’s poll numbers have been sinking of late in New Hampshire, with the latest polls showing him no higher than fourth place and in single digits percentage-wise.

Talking with reporters in the morning, Giuliani shied away from the negativity and talked highly about his campaigns big delegate state strategy while lowering expectations for tomorrow’s election.

"We have not campaigned as much here as other candidates. We certainly haven’t spent anywhere as much of the money as other candidates have," said Giuliani outside a diner in Nashua. "We have a strategy of dealing with all 29 states and we believe that strategy is gonna be a good strategy."

While urging reporters that he maintained his confidence, he added that the media’s constant focus on his campaign’s strategy was not to the benefit of the voters.

"The reality is I have spent as much time in New Hampshire as I have in Florida. So I am probably the only candidate that has done that. We believe we have built a strong organization in Florida," he said. "We know we have strong organizations in a group of the other states that come up on Super Tuesday. And the reality, spending all this time focusing on process is not really helping the voters much because they are not sitting home trying to figure out… 'Gee I'm going to vote for Giuliani because he is going to win Florida'."

These have been difficult days for the Giuliani campaign, who in a perfect world have liked to have been more competitive in these early contests. But their strategy throughout, except for a short period where they invested television time in New Hampshire, was to invest the majority of their funds and effort into the big delegate states where they can get the most out of their dollars.

Following tomorrow’s vote, Giuliani heads to Florida where he will begin to see whether his unorthodox strategy will pay off.

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