Huckabee Warms up a Frigid Missouri Crowd for Victory Next Tuesday

ABC News' Kevin Chupka Reports: Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee didn't linger on the results of the Florida primary Tuesday night.  He spoke briefly here in St. Louis, Missouri this evening, resigned to come in either third or fourth in the Sunshine State.

"We are rehearsing for the victory speech we'll be able to give about Missouri next week," Huckabee told his supporters. He later added, "Between now and seven days from now, there's going to be something that we'll all be shouting about. And it won't be just a Missouri thing, but also that same night they'll be one in Georgia and Alabama and Tennessee, and they'll be one in Arkansas and Oklahoma and maybe a few other places that people aren't even expecting it to happen."

He assured everyone in attendance, "We're playing all nine innings of this ball game. Even the Cardinals occasionally have a rough inning, but they know how to win championships."

Huckabee explained that his campaign had only expected about 100 people to show up for tonight's rally/Florida watch party, but the small banquet room at the Drury Inn was packed with close to 300 supporters, prompting Huckabee to joke, "I wish we had cooked food for all of you. I bet right now you're wishing it too."

An audience member suggested fried chicken, the "flavor of the week" Romney joke within Huckabee's circle. "I gave it up a few years ago," Huckabee shot back, "but I do know how to eat it if I ever get it."

Huckabee apologized to his supporters for his brevity, citing the weather and the fact that he had campaign and debate obligations in Southern California the following day. Huckabee heads for the  Golden State tonight, following his event in Missouri. "We've gotta be at the Reagan library tomorrow night... I'm gonna be on that stage tomorrow night. I'm not sure everybody's gonna be there but I will be."

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