Obama: A Happy Warrior for Change

ABC’s David Wright and Sunlen Miller Report: Barack Obama seemed to acknowledge Monday that his campaign has reached a tipping point in New Hampshire.

Addressing some 750 supporters unable to get inside his packed town hall event in Lebanon, N.H., the Illinois Senator said, "I'm riding the wave.  You are the wave, and I'm riding it." 

Polls now show Obama at least 10 points ahead of New York Senator Hillary Clinton in the Granite State, and the Clinton campaign has attacked him repeatedly on every issue they can raise.

"We've had enough of the partisan food fight," Obama said, as the crowd roared with approval.  "We don’t like the trivialization of our politics. We don't like the petty point scoring, and the little nicks and cuts that elected officials try and administer on each other.”

“The change we are talking about is not vague and amorphous,” Obama told supporters in Lebanon, “People keep on staying ‘what does he mean by change?’ If you want, to go on my website and read the 25 page healthcare plan…I’m very specific about the changes we want. Don’t tell me we’re vague."

Obama said that with the American people behind him, he can afford a sunny political disposition, saying he'll go to the White House with a smile on his face. 

“If they don’t agree with you, you've got the voters and you will beat them," said Obama.  "We are happy warriors for change...We are cheerful about the prospects of taking over.”

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