Obama Raises $700K in Clinton's NYC Turf

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: Sen. Barack Obama held a New York City fundraiser on Sen. Hillary Clinton's turf Wednesday night, that organizers said raised $700,000 for the Democrat's campaign coffers.

An estimated 700 people, who all paid to be there, attended the soiree at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York City, the same place where Obama held a packed fundraiser several months ago.

Actor Richard Gere, movie director Spike Lee and model Iman mingled in the crowd.

Obama spoke to the crowd for half an hour, introduced by longtime friends, David Cardin and Rhonda Medina, who said he has known Obama was presidential material, and "it's not because I read the kindergarten papers."

Obama talked about how much time he has spent traveling and someone in the crowd yelled, "Don't cry!" prompting laughs from the audience. It was a swipe at Clinton's emotional moment in New Hampshire.

Obama said his loss in the Granite State was a good thing because the campaign was seeming too easy -- and change doesn't work that way, he said.

"But the point is that this was always going to be hard," Obama said. "People will resist, people will fight back, the status quo will dig in, it has resources, it has power, it is not going to relinquish that just because I give a nice speech. So the question is, are we willing to work for it?"

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