Obama Surrogates Go After Bill Clinton

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: The Obama campaign sent out two of their own surrogates -- Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to push back against Bill Clinton's recent statements about Barack Obama.

In a strategy that may have been intended to inflate a possible Obama win in South Carolina, McCaskill and Napolitano discussed "electability" and the large amount of money the Clinton campaign has invested in the state, alongside the time-investment by former President Bill Clinton.

The Obama surrogates denounced the former president's campaign style with regard to Obama on the 2008 trail. 

"Because of the large microphone he has as a former president, he needs to be careful with the truth,” McCaskill said, "This is not a time to play fast and loose with the facts. The fact that he has shaded things, tried to manipulate the facts in a way that is unfair, I think that is wrong, flat out wrong and demeaning."

Napolitano agreed suggesting that Bill Clinton is not the "average political spouse."

In final dig at the Clinton machine, McCaskill touted Barack Obama as a stronger party nominee in her state, because, "No one motivates the Republicans in Missouri like Hillary Clinton."

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