Richardson lays off staffers and shifts resources to stay competitive

ABC News' Sarah Amos Reports: Gov. Bill Richardson is doing is best to stay relevant as the fourth candidate in the race for the democratic nomination for President, but it certainly isn't easy when his competitions' resources are ten times what he can spend.  So in order to continue his tightly run campaign, Richardson has laid off campaign staffers as he continues his campaigning in New Hampshire.

Campaign spokesman Tom Reynolds would not confirm exactly how many staffers were laid off or where they were located, saying the campaign did not want to reveal any of their political strategy to the other campaigns.  Reynolds did say that because they had an extremely large staff in Iowa when they were focused on the caucus, making cuts and moves to campaign staffers was bound to happen now that the focus of their campaign moves on to New Hampshire. 

Richardson has always run a fiscally tight campaign, in fact campaign manager Dave Conatrino hasn't taken a salary for the duration of the campaign.  Reynolds says they have the resources they need to stay competitive in New Hampshire and the future races. 

Of course staying competitive doesn't necessarily mean they will be able to match their competition in ad buys or ground staff.  AS Richardson campaigned across New Hampshire yesterday he told many of the crowds that one of the reasons for his fourth place finish in Iowa was the fact that he was "out-spent in Iowa 10 to 1."

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