Romney to Huck's Camp: 'Don't Touch the Hair'

ABC News' Matt Stuart and Teddy Davis Report: Mitt Romney made a tongue-in-cheek plea Thursday for Ed Rollins, the Huckabee campaign chairman who recently said that he wanted to knock Romney's teeth out, to keep his hands off his well-quaffed hair.

"The politics are getting interesting," said Romney. "The polls show it is just neck and neck. Down to a razor wire. Tensions are getting high and comments are being made that are really quite questionable. I saw just yesterday the chairman of Gov. Huckabee's campaign said that he would like to knock my teeth out."

"My only comment on that," he added, "is don't touch the hair."

The former Massachusetts governor made his comments while speaking at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines just a few hours before the Iowa caucuses were set to get underway. 

In Wednesday's Washington Post, Rollins discussed Huckabee's much-ballyhooed recent decision not to air an anti-Romney ad after producing it and playing it in front of a packed room of reporters.

"I admire the fact he's trying to change the environment," Rollins said of Huckabee's decision to stay positive. "What I have to do is make sure that my anger with a guy like Romney, whose teeth I want to knock out, doesn't get in the way of my thought process."

Romney's thick head of dark hair, which is grayed only at the temples, was in the news in February of last year when his staff worried that it looks "too perfect" in a 77-page PowerPoint presentation obtained by The Boston Globe.

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