Ron Paul's Security Detail -- Kane From WWE

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf reports from Nashua, N.H.: Ron Paul does not have a security detail. The closest thing is a retired customs inspector who acts as Paul's driver and body man on the road.

So, it was a little odd to see an enormous -- truly, a well-muscled giant -- standing behind Paul in a red polo shirt, and looking menacing when the Texas congressman was mobbed by supporters after a speech to a meeting of the Liberty Forum in Nashua, N.H., today.

Turns out, it was not an addition to the small cadre of family and staff that travel with Paul, but a new supporter: Glen Jacobs, aka "Kane" from the WWE.  Jacobs was appearing at the Liberty Forum, independent of Paul, but has endorsed the congressman's bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Another featured speaker at the Liberty Forum today: John Birch Society president John McManus.

It is unclear if Kane, who has made a career of looking menacing, meant to do so today, but it appeared like it would hurt if he body slammed you as he lumbered behind Paul, among supporters.

Appearances can be deceiving, however. When asked by reporters earlier if he ended up campaigning for Paul, would he ask people for their vote "nicely?" Jacobs said that "Libertarians oppose the use of force, of course." Asked how that jives with his wrestling career, Kane said that it's different because, "You know, the other guy steps in the ring with you."

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