Thompson Camp Reports "Smear" Fliers Misleading Record

ABC's Christine Byun reports: Republican candidate Fred Thompson’s campaign is accusing rival Mike Huckabee’s campaign of more "dirty tricks" in South Carolina.

They say fliers with misleading information about the former Tennessee senator’s abortion record were placed on parked cars at their event venue last night (  The fliers insinuate Thompson voted for funding for abortions through a bill that supported Planned Parenthood. Thompson –- who has received the endorsement of national anti-abortion organization National Right to Life –- did vote for the bill in question, H.R. 3061. However, the bill specifically states that it does not include federal funding for abortions and does not mention Planned Parenthood.  The flier quotes Scripture –- Proverbs 31:8 –- and includes a picture of the former Senator.

"Sen. Thompson worked in the Senate to ensure that federal funds did not go to abortion," a  Thompson campaign spokesman, who provided a copy of a flier, said.

Earlier this week, the Thompson campaign accused Huckabee supporters of push-polling calls.   

“These deceptive tactics are yet another sad sign that Gov. Huckabee cannot engage in a substantive discussion of the important public policy issues facing our country,” Dean Rice, the South Carolina campaign manager, said in a written statement.

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