Thompson Slams Huckabee for Saying Reagan Coalition is 'Dead'

ABC News' Christine Byun Reports: Appearing on "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer," Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson accused former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee of launching personal attacks instead of confronting the issues.

"The contrast between Huckabee and me is I'm talking about issues concerning this country … and he's raised enough money to get some hit pieces and dredge up personal stuff and personal accusations against me, now you’re seeing the real Mike Huckabee come out," Thompson said.

Thompson repeated his litany of contrasts with the former Governor, calling Huckabee out on "blaming America first" in regards to foreign policy and for his endorsement from the New Hampshire National Education Association.

"These are substantive issues – these are not personal attacks – if the Governor wants to get into personal attacks and things that happened some years ago ... there’s enough on the record in Arkansas to keep us busy for the rest of the campaign," the former Tennessee senator said.

Blizter played a clip in which Huckabee accused Thompson of lobbying for foreign countries, namely Libya in the Pan Am 103 terrorist bombing over Lockerbie.

"I was in a law firm that did some lobbying work for Libya, yes sir, that’s correct," Thompson said, but said his involvement was surface-level. "One of the lawyers talked to me about it – I never talked to any of the clients or anything like that."

Thompson again took the opportunity to hammer Huckabee’s campaign for saying the Reagan coalition is "dead."

"He talked around the subject, smiled and giggled and told a couple of jokes and I came back and said this is about the heart and mind of the Republican party," Thompson said of his response during Thursday's Republican debate.

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