Clinton, Obama Sound Off on Speeches Vs. Solutions

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Senator Hillary Clinton visited Skyline Chili diner in Cincinnati, Ohio today to have a roundtable discussion on helping families with credit card problems. 

She sat around an intimate table and took questions ranging from healthcare to home foreclosures. At one point a woman started crying when speaking about the difficulties she had with her housing problem. Clinton did not crack a tear, but was clearly moved by the story.

In the packed diner, Clinton touched on her newest theme – that she is the candidate who offers solutions.

"You can choose speeches or solutions" Clinton said to the crowd in her final remarks.

Then she added this: "thank you one of you gave me a small check today, that meant the world to me."

Every little bit counts as Clinton's campaign pushes hard to raise money while her Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama continues to outpace her in raising substantial amounts of fundraising money.

Obama later responded to Clinton's dig at speeches versus solutions with a swipe of his own.

"She's right -- speeches alone don't do anything, but you know what? Neither do negative attacks," Obama said during a Milwaukee rally.

"Hollering at Republicans and engaging in petty partisan politics didn't help health care get done. The American people don't want to play the same games, they don't want the cheap shots, they don't want the negative ads. What they are looking for are solutions and bringing people together."

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