Clinton Worried About Safety When Cheney Leaves Office

ABC News' Kate Snow ad Eloise Harper Report:

Sen. Hillary Clinton dipped into her own hunting experience when answering a question about gun control, and in effect delivered one of her longest question and answer sessions in Wausau, Wisconsin on Monday.

Clinton took almost every last question on the day before the Wisconsin primary -- topics ranged from abortion, healthcare and social security. The senator's events in Wisconsin on Monday were very reminiscent of what she did in New Hampshire where she would take many questions with the hopes of winning voters over one at a time.

On guns, she said, "I have hunted. My father taught me how to shoot. I went duck hunting in Arkansas I remember standing there in that cold water it was so cold at first light I was with a bunch of my friends - all men -so the sun is up and the ducks are flying and they were playing a trick on me they were saying were not going to shoot - you shoot they wanted to embarrass me so the pressure was on. And I shot a banded duck they were as surprised as I was."

A man stood up and voiced his concern about the Vice President's hunting abilities.

"As long as you know how to use a gun, would you be willing to show Vice President Cheney how to use his?" he asked.

"That was good, that was really good, you know I couldn't believe that, I really thought I have gotten over being totally outraged by the Bush administration." Clinton said, and then expressed her fear of Cheney when he is out of office when he will no longer have his agents protecting him.

"Once he his out of office the secret service is not around to protect people from him. We better be careful about where he goes hunting. Safety protocol would be useful, don't you think?"

Clinton was then asked, "Will Chelsea replace you after eight years?" Perhaps trying to dissuade voters being reminded of the legacy issue she tends to want to stay away from.

"No, no, no, no, no" She said, "I'm very proud of her, she will be back in Wisconsin tonight."

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