Duck! Bush Jokes About Cheney's Bad Aim

ABC News' Jennifer Duck Reports: The perfect opportunity arose again for President George Bush to pull the trigger on Vice President Dick Cheney's bad aim.

While hosting the 2007 Stanley Cup winners at the White House, the President asked the Anaheim Duck hockey champs, "Like, have you noticed a lot of security around here? It's because the Vice President heard there were some Ducks around."

Cheney accidentally shot his good friend and hunting companion Harry Whittington in the torso, neck, and face while quail hunting in Texas two years ago.

Bush openly jokes about the February 2006 shooting accident which landed Whittington in the hospital for six days.

One hockey player told reporters after the event he appreciated the President's fowl joke saying, "He looked like he was in a very good mood. It was nice to see him joking…and having a good time."

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