Hillary Clinton Wins New Mexico Primary

ABC News' Teddy Davis Reports: New Mexico's Democratic party chairman announced Thursday that Hillary Clinton has won the state's party-run primary, which was held on Super Tuesday. 

The New Mexico win adds one more delegate to her total.

Prior to today's announcement, ABC had allocated 13 delegates from New Mexico to Hillary Clinton and 12 delegates to Barack Obama and was waiting for the outcome of the provisional ballots before allocating the final delegate.

After today's announcement, ABC's Decision Desk has allocated 14 delegates to Hillary Clinton while keeping Barack Obama at 12 delegates.

Following today's New Mexico outcome, ABC's overall Democratic delegate race shows Obama leading with 1293 delegates, and Clinton close behind with 1226. 

Following the February 5th primary, Clinton and Obama were separated by roughly 1,000 votes in New Mexico.

Since February 5th, the New Mexico Democratic Party has been checking the validity of the 17,200 provisional ballots which were cast. 

The party had to ensure that the provisional ballot was cast by a registered Democrat (the primary was not open to Republicans or independents) and the party had to ensure that the person had not voted more than once.

Taking into account the results from New Mexico, Clinton ends up with victories in 10 out of the 23 contests held on Super Tuesday, including nine states and American Samoa. Obama won the remaining 13 state contests.

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