Huckabee Defends McCain

ABC News' Kevin Chupka Reports: While speaking with reporters in Houston Thursday morning, former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee defended his political adversary, Senator John McCain.  McCain has come under fire after a New York Times article suggesting that he had a relationship with Washington lobbyist, Vicki Iseman and that he used his political influence with her clients.

Huckabee said of McCain, "You know I have campaigned now on the same stage and platform with John McCain for 14 months, I only know him to be a man of integrity. Today he denied that any of that was true, I take him at his word. I have no further comment other than that for me to get into it is completely immaterial. Again I only know him what I know him to be and that's a good and decent and honorable man."

For the past several weeks Huckabee has suggested that his chances in the race for the Republican nomination hinge upon John McCain not obtaining the required 1191 delegates or the Senator having a "you tube moment" that could turn the tide of the election.  Huckabee refused to comment on whether this was that moment and referred the press to his previous comment. 

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