Huckabee on DC Voting Rights and the GOP Veep-stakes

ABC News' Kevin Chupka Reports; In a morning breakfast with Washington-area political reporters, GOP hopeful Mike Huckabee said he wasn't interested in pursuing a third-party White House run or an entry into the race for a Senate seat, should the current race for the GOP nomination tip in Arizona Sen. John McCain's favor.

The Senate question, in fact, elicited a classic Huckabee-an response. The former Arkansas governor said he would sooner dye his hair green, tattoo himself and go on a "rock tour with Amy Winehouse".

Also of note to the Beltway reporters was Huckabee's stance on D.C. voting rights.  He has been asked about it before; especially over the past few days as he campaigned in and around the nation's capital, and has said he is in favor of DC's right to representation.  This morning however, he clarified his position saying he supports the idea of a Representative in the House, but not any such presence in the Senate.

Huckabee was also asked to describe what he would look for in a Vice President.  He said the number one qualification is for someone who can assume the presidency at a moment's notice without incident, but also someone that could fill in holes in the president's experience.  Asked what a Huckabee Vice President would need to possess, Huckabee joked that he had no short comings but that common perceptions exist suggesting governor's lack foreign policy experience.

Huckabee now flies home to Little Rock where he will watch results of the Potomac Primaries today and speak with the media once those tallies come in.

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