Let the Veepstakes Begin!

ABC News' Ron Claiborne Reports: For the first time, Senator John McCain described the kind of person he would look for in a running mate if he wins the Republican nomination."The fundamental principle behind the selection of any running mate will be that person is fully prepared to take over, and shares your values, your principles, your philosophy and your priorities," McCain said on Friday in Norfolk, Virginia, in answer to a reporter's question.Until now, McCain had brushed off any veepstakes questions as premature.  Times have changed."Obviously, if I'm the nominee, we'll start the process. And, again, I don't want to discount the candidacy of Governor Huckabee. He's in this race."Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, however, is no longer in the race (and we mean this race), prompting many political pundits, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, to confirm McCain is their man in 2008.WATCH GINGRICH ON 'GMA' BY CLICKING HERE.McCain said he would not necessarily seek geographical balance in selecting his number two."Former president Clinton and former vice president Gore showed that you don't have to be regionally different," he said. "I think that America is such now that regional differences doesn't play the role that maybe they did in earlier times."          

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