Obama Skips Election Day Superstition of Shooting Hoops

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: It's an unofficial election day superstition for Barack Obama: playing basketball. On Tuesday, he did not shoot those ritualistic hoops.

A little background: Obama  played on the day of the Iowa caucus and South Carolina primary, and won both those contests. He did not play on the day of the Nevada caucus and the New Hampshire primary, and lost both those contests.

After those results, Obama told "60 Minutes" on February 10th that, "Now we've made a clear rule that on Election Day, I have to play basketball."

But Obama did not play basketball today, on the day of the Wisconsin primary and Hawaii caucus.

Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki says, "When you have two events in Texas, dozens of radio calls and satellite interviews, it's hard to fit in a game of basketball."

Obama's day was tightly scheduled with early morning interviews in Chicago dominating his morning before flying out of his home state to Texas, where he had events throughout the day in San Antonio and Houston.

So is this lack of adherence to his election day ritual a sign of confidence with today's two contests?

Psaki laughed and said, "We would have loved to play basketball, but we knew he had to reach out to voters in Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Texas."

And added, "We're scouting courts in Ohio."

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