Romney Camp Laments

ABC News' John Berman Reports: The remnants of the Romney campaign are shaking their heads this morning. For months they were whispering about a New York Times investigation into John McCain's ties to a certain lobbyist.They would poke and prod reporters to see if they had heard anything new about when and if the New York Times would publish the story. On Thursday, while no one would allow their name to be published, several former advisers lamented the timing of the story, one suggesting, "If this piece had run before New Hampshire, McCain would have lost. If it had run before Florida, he would have lost." WATCH VIDEO OF MCCAIN REFUTING THE NEW YORK TIMES REPORT HERE AND WATCH GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS BREAK DOWN THE POTENTIAL FALLOUT FROM THIS STORY HERE.At times, while he was still a candidate, Mitt Romney himself seemed to be nudging reporters to focus on the issue of lobbyists. In South Carolina, he made the spurious claim that "I don't have lobbyists running my campaign. . . I don't have lobbyists that are tied to my (campaign)." Glen Johnson from the Associated Press challenged Romney on this claim, pointing out the presence of several lobbyists in Romney's inner circle. Whatever the merits of that argument, the new revelations about John McCain might put Romney's statements in a different light. The former Massachusetts governor has now endorsed McCain, and asked his delegates to back the Arizona Senator. Most of Romney's staff has dispersed, but when reached they made clear there would be no statement from Romney or the Romney team about the New York Times piece...just a lot of wondering about what might have been.Get all the latest from the 2008 campaign trail -- the ups, downs, vote counts and controversy -- in The Note each morning.

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