Romney Wins CPAC Straw Poll

ABC News' Karen Travers reports: Mitt Romney may no longer be running for president, but he still pulled out a close win in the Conservative Political Action Conference presidential straw poll, today, in Washington.

The straw poll is, of course, non-binding and largely meaningless, and the results should not be read as representative of the conservative movement writ large.

Results (1,558 votes cast):Romney 35%McCain 34%Huckabee 12Paul  12Undecided  5Other  1

"Gov. Romney is thankful for the support grassroots conservatives have shown towards his campaign.  The governor promises to be an important voice for them and their issues, within the Republican Party, as he works to bring the party together behind the eventual nominee," Romney spokesman Kevin Madden told ABC News' John Berman.

Full results can be found HERE.

Conference attendees could vote from Thursday morning through Friday afternoon –- and 24 percent of the votes were cast before Romney dropped out on Thursday.

CPAC broke down the results of the straw poll vote before and after Romney dropped out. Romney won the early voting 44 to 27 over McCain. But in votes cast after Romney was out of the race, McCain won 37 to 32.

This year's CPAC presidential preference straw poll had a slightly different twist than last year's poll.  The first question on the ballot was a simple one: Who would voters choose if the election were held today?

In addition to the generic preference question, a follow-up question asked what voters would do on Election Day if McCain or Huckabee are the GOP nominee.

The results found that, if McCain is the nominee, 68 percent said they would vote for him, 20 percent would vote for someone else, and 11 percent would not vote.

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