Nancy Reagan to Endorse McCain

ABC News' Bret Hovell Reports: John McCain will receive the endorsement of former first lady Nancy Reagan Tuesday evening in Los Angeles. The support of Reagan, widow of the late President Ronald Reagan, was highly coveted during the Republican primary, when most of the candidates running tried regularly to cloak themselves in the Reagan mantle. McCain, R-Ariz., is no exception, saying regularly on the stump that he was a "foot-soldier in the Reagan Revolution," and referring to his desire to get so-called "Reagan Democrats" to cross over and support his candidacy.

In a statement, Mrs. Reagan said McCain's record an experience have prepare him well to be president.

"Although it has been my custom to wait until after the Republican National Convention to announce my support of a candidate, it is clear that the Party has chosen its nominee. So it is with great pleasure that I endorse Senator John McCain for President of the United States. "The presumptive Republican nominee will travel to Reagan's home in Bel Air to receive Mrs. Reagan's endorsement.

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