Obama Campaign Pushback on Subcommittee Hearings and Commander in Chief Preparedness

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: The Obama campaign put out Greg Craig, former director of policy planning at the State Department during the Clinton administration, on a conference call with reporters to counter the Clinton campaign attacks on Sen. Barack Obama’s preparedness to be commander in chief.

Craig shot back at Clinton's own qualifications, repeatedly saying that Clinton “flunks the commander in chief test.”

“I cannot imagine what particular aspect of her career when she had passed that test,” Craig said, running though a litany of examples where he believes she has not displayed leadership experience.

He said Clinton did not attend National Security meetings while her husband was president, questioned her taking credit for helping to open the borders for refugees in the war on Kosovo, and argued that when she claimed she was visiting Bosnia on a dangerous mission, she was also traveling with musician Sheryl Crow and comedian Sinbad.

Craig said Clinton’s biggest national security test as a senator was the vote for the Iraq war, arguing that she did so without reading the National Intelligence Report.

Responding to the assertion by the Clinton campaign that Obama has not held any substantive hearings on Afghanistan while he was chairman of the European Affairs subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Craig turned it around on Clinton, saying that she had missed many important hearings on Afghanistan as well.

Reporters asked Craig for more details about what Obama had accomplished while chairing the subcommittee.

“He did hold hearings on nominees that were being put forth to ambassadors, those nominees were approved,” Craig said. He added that most Afghanistan-related hearings were done in full committee, rather than in Obama's subcommittee.

When pushed more, Craig relented: "The record is what it is. He didn’t become chairman of that subcommittee until January of 2007. The fact is that he made his announcement for president of the U.S. in February of 2007.  So, he had other things on his mind.”

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