Bill Clinton Tells Pennsylvania Elect Hillary Then 'Hide and Watch'

ABC News' Sarah Amos reports: former President Bill Clinton reminded the voters of Pennsylvania that this election all comes down to their votes, as he stumped for his wife in Milford late this afternoon.

"Pennsylvania, if you say yes to Hillary Tuesday, you hide and watch: you're electing the next president," Clinton told the crowd gathered on the lawn and streets around an old Victorian house in town.

Clinton paced the house's white wooden front porch for 45 mintues, making a final case for why Pennsylvanians should vote for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton. As Clinton wrapped up his speech, he spoke of her toughness during the course of the campaign.

"And let me just say this -- don't you think for a minute that if you don't get her -- if you give her a big victory here -- after all the blizzard of money and all these ads and the kitchen sink has been thrown at her. I asked her about that -- I said, 'They are throwing the kitchen sink at ya.' She said, 'Well, Harry Truman said if you can't stand the heat you should get out of the kitchen.' So the only thing I said is, 'Well, you have got to figure out how to keep the kitchen sink in the kitchen now,'" Clinton told the crowd.

Clinton's view of the "kitchen sink" is a new spin on a story line already familair to many voters, thanks to Sen. Clinton's opponent in the race. Sen. Barack Obama has spent the past few days, as the race in Pennsylvania winds down, claiming that the Clintons have been doing everything in their power to throw the kitchen sink at him.

Clinton also continued to criticize Obama's latest ads, which deal with Sen. Clinton's healthcare plan.

"Now there is a truly hilarious ad coming up saying that she's gonna force people even who can't afford it to buy health care," the former president said. "I don't know if you've seen it, but it is a total hoot. It has been -- first, they used to be so ashamed of that argument that they only sent it out in the mail, where it was roundly discredited."

The former president also made a stop in Tobyhanna on his way back to the Philadelphia area for a late evening rally.

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