Bush Dances to the Big Easy Beat

ABC's Jennifer Duck reports: President Bush put on his dancing shoes in the Big Easy Monday night after a day of meetings with the President of Mexico and Prime Minister of Canada.

The Euphonious Brass Band of New Orleans trumpeted "Bourbon Street Parade" at a Chamber of Commerce event and Bush couldn't resist. First the toes ... then the shoulder shrugs ... and then the hoola hands.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

The president is hosting his fourth and final North American Leader's Summit today and Tuesday in New Orleans.

The grand marshal marched to the beat with a whistle in his mouth and a parasol in his right hand while twirling the president around with his left hand.

Things calmed down a bit when Bush blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for halting the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

"We had a setback in a very important free trade agreement with Colombia," Bush said.  "The speaker made a decision to block the free trade agreement. It's an unfortunate decision, and the deal is dead unless she changes her mind."

He added, "And I fully understand that this is a tough political vote for some, but it's about time America sets aside petty politics and focuses on doing what's right for the United States of America."

Bush also spoke on a serious note about NAFTA which the democratic presidential candidates oppose. "Since the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect, an agreement I strongly support, trade between the United States, Mexico and Canada has more than tripled, and our economies have grown by more than 50 percent," Bush told the crowd, adding a lot of exports go through New Orleans.

Flanked by tuba, drum, sax and trombone players, the president talked of "hope" in New Orleans and saying, "...it's a city not only of good food, good cheer, but it's a city of really fine people." 

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