Clinton Takes a Shot of Whiskey in Northwest Indiana

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton stopped by Bronko’s Restaurant and Lounge in Crown Point, Ind., tonight. Clinton stood by the bar and took a shot of Crown Royal whiskey. She took one sip of the shot, then another small sip, then a few seconds later threw her head back and finished off the whole thing.

Clinton later sat down at a table and enjoyed some pizza and beer, and called over Mayor Tom McDermott of Hammond, Ind., to come join the table.

"Every time I get around you we start drinking, senator,"  the mayor exclaimed.

Clinton nodded and raised her glass.

"It's Saturday night, though, Tom," she said.

The senator was eager to get a slice of pepperoni.

"I got one pepperoni, I think it's cheese and pepperoni," she said.

A fellow diner made a toast in Clinton’s honor and she raised her beer glass and touched the glasses of people sitting at her table. Clinton was looking for a staffer and her seat partner said, "Maybe he’s up at the bar."

"My campaign drives people to drink," Clinton said with a smile.

Then she turned to her ABC and CBS embedded campaign reporters.

"The only bad thing about this wonderful time with you is that every bite I take is recorded for posterity," she said. "These two young people are really very very nice but their job is to get something on film that looks really weird, so I try to accommodate them as much as often."

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