Clinton to Donors: Send Money

ABC News' Kate Snow reports: On the day after her victory in Pennsylvania, Senator Hillary Clinton asked her biggest supporters to pony up and “max out” their donations to her campaign if they have not already done so.

“We have to raise a lot of money,” Clinton told the largest conference call of fundraisers ever organized by the campaign.  Organizers on the call said that some 3100 people were listening in. 

Clinton praised her fundraisers for helping her beat Obama even though he was able to outspend her in Pennsylvania by at least two to one. 

“Thanks to you we’ve once again defied the odds. We defied those who said we couldn’t do it, who said we should get out,” Clinton told her supporters.

But she said the road ahead would be difficult.

“I can’t do this without your help,” Senator Clinton said.  “I know you understand this, but boy is it a tremendous hill to climb.”

Since the announcement of last night’s victory—at around 10pm—campaign officials on the call said they have raised 10 million dollars online from some sixty thousand new donors.

Clinton called the race “very very close” overall.  In Indiana—which holds a primary on May 6-- she said the race was “pretty close to even” and “we’ll turn on the steam now.”

Clinton did concede a bit of fatigue.

“We’ve been just running on fumes trying to work as hard as we can,” she said.  What her campaign can’t match with advertising dollars she said they would match with old-fashioned “shoe leather” canvassing and campaign events.

Clinton said she will be “forever grateful” to supporters who give the maximum amount to her coffers.

“We will have a tremendous victory when we wrap up this nomination,” she proclaimed.

Then after a pause she added quickly—seeming to catch herself forgetting the main event— “and we will go on and defeat John McCain”.

Reporters were not invited guests but ABC was able to monitor the call.

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