Clinton: Why Can't Obama Close the Deal?

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Clinton told reporters in Conshohocken, PA today that in this close primary race “a win is a win.”  When asked about the closeness of the match up and how many delegates she will receive if get if the results are tight - “a win is a win,” Clinton repeated.  "Maybe I’m old fashioned about that. But, you run a very competitive race at a considerable financial disadvantage. I think maybe the question ought to be why cant he close the deal?” she added, referring to Sen. Barack Obama.  “Why can't he win a state like this one, if that is the way it turns out?”

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One topic Clinton chose not to address was a question about her husband’s comments yesterday accusing Barack Obama of playing the race card.  Clinton ignored the question and said, “The focus on voters in Pennsylvania is on the solutions that were talking about to deal with the problems.” When the reporter followed up on whether she agreed with her husband’s assertion, Clinton said, “Well I think we are going to stay focused on what voters are focused on.”

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

Clinton also claimed that her campaign is the one that has been positive and not the other way around. “I think we have run a very positive campaign, I regret that especially since the debate senator Obama has chosen to go so negative. And contrary to what he says in his speeches his campaign has certainly done that.”

The former First Lady was also asked about her recent comments on Good Morning America about Iran and whether she would rule out a preemptive strike on the country.

“I am not in any way talking about that," she said.  "If Iran were to obtain nuclear weapons, and if Iran were to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon – we would retaliate.”

Clinton was pressed on why she was now entertaining this hypothetical question – when in a debate months ago she said she would not engage in the discussion. “In this particular instance with Iran it’s a question of what might be on or off the table concerning tactical or strategic decision, but an effort on my part cold war which is deterrence.”

When asked if Clinton was using the same tactics Republicans have in the past by putting Osama bin Laden in an ad Clinton said, “this campaign especially in a democratic primary has to be about leadership who can go up against John McCain who can win the electoral votes necessary to be the next president and I don’t think there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that we face challenges in the world.” Clinton said the fact we haven’t captured bin Laden is personal to her. “All these years after 9-11 we still haven’t brought to justice the master mind of the attack that devastated my city and I take that personally I take it really personally.  This is about my leadership my resolve what I intend to do as your president.”

Clinton left reporters to pick up some lunch – she ordered, “the specialty cheese steak but without a lot of sauce,” before greeting diners and racing off to do interviews with local stations.

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